Salsa and Bachata Bootcamps

Don't have time to take a 4 week Salsa or Bachata series? Want to learn how to dance Salsa or Bachata the fast and easy way? Join our Salsa or Bachata bootcamps and start dancing right away! No partner required!


What will I learn at the Salsa bootcamp?

At the Salsa bootcamp you'll learn the fundamentals of dancing salsa, including the basic steps, basic right and left turns, footwork, lead and follow technique, cross body lead, and timing & musicality. Pretty much everything you need to know to get you out there on the dance floor!

What will I learn at the Bachata bootcamp?

At the Bachata bootcamp you'll learn the fundamentals of dancing bachata, including the basic steps, body movement, lead and follow technique, timing and musicality, as well as fun basic partner moves you can use on the social dance floor. 

What are Sessions A & B? 

There are two different sessions, A & B. You can take them in any order. Both sessions are required before moving to level 2 for Salsa or Bachata. 


Where can I practice dancing after the bootcamps?

Join us every Tuesday night 9pm to 11:30pm for Salsa and Bachata Practica. It's a fun social event where all the students come out and dance. It's only $7 cover. 


How do I sign up?

Purchase the seires that works best for your schedule below.



It's just $65! (bootcamps cannot be used as a first free class)

Join Now!

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Address: 2000 S. Jackson St

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