Rueda/Cuban Salsa Dance Classes 

Casino is a social partner dance that comes from Cuba, similar to salsa but more rooted in Cuban traditions. Rueda de Casino, is Casino danced in a circle, with the followers passed around in the circle and the leaders rapidly exchanging partners.  Each move has a name are called by the leader of the Rueda creating a very dynamic and exciting atmosphere for everyone involved.


Rueda de Casino is fun, social, and interactive!

- No need to wonder who you should dance with or wait to be asked!

- Can be danced with only 2 couples or one hundred!

- It's your entree into Seattle's Cuban Salsa community. 

- Come alone, or with a partner, everybody is welcome!


We have 2 levels of Rueda Casino, Level I and Level II. Each class is 90 minutes long and costs $23.  You may buy a 3 class package for $60.   Please scroll down to see class dates listed below. 


Stay after class and practice with Seattle Rueda group, every Sunday 4:30pm - 6:30pm.


First Class Free!

If this is your first time at our studio and you dont have any other coupons, groupons, or deal vouchers, then your first 60 minute class is on us.  Just fill out the form below!

Level I - Rueda/Cuban Salsa


The Beginner Rueda/Cuban Salsa class will prepare you with the basic foundation of moves and techniques for Rueda Casino/ Cuban Salsa. This class concentrates on combinations, styling, and body movement. 




Level II - Rueda/Cuban Salsa


The Intermediate Rueda/Cuban Salsa class will build upon what you learned in the beginner level and expand your knowledge of more complex combinations, turns, and cuban body movement. Learn the 12 "building block" steps and 7 "survival skills" for dancing in Rueda - plus more!


Below are the steps recommended to know before attending a Level II rueda de casino class. You'll get the most out of the class and dancing in the rueda circle if you come knowing these steps:

  • It is recommended that follows know, at a minimum: guapea (Cuban basic), and dile que no (Cuban cross body lead). These are different from Salsa basic and salsa cross body lead. Follows should also have some understanding of what it means to follow.

  • It is strongly recommended that leads know: guapea (Cuban basic), and dile que no (Cuban cross body lead), dame, adíos, enchufla, arriba (aka caminamos – walking in closed position). 



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Address: 2000 S. Jackson St

(206) 785 3309