Summer of Salsa!!!

August is the month where summer is in full force! It's a month where Seattleites enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family and soak up the sun! This August join SNS in celebrating a salsa summer! We will be bringing salsa outdoors and sharing our love of dance with the community! (Read more below). In our August issue you'll read tips and tricks from the Salsa N' Seattle team to support you during your dance and fitness journey. You'll also meet a fellow Salsa N' Seattle student - Batkhuyag Batsaikhan, learn more about our Bollywood instructor - Sangeeta Naidu as well as find out about new services, upcoming events and studio holiday closures. We wish you the very best on your wellness journey, and remember we're happy to help!

Student of the Month:

Batkhuyag (Hugo) Batsaikhan

Hi Everyone! If you don’t know me yet, I am the guy in the photo posing with my awesome partner Hayley. I was born and raised in Mongolia and came to the US four years ago for college. After graduating from the UMass Amherst last December, I have been working at a software company here in Seattle. In high school, I tried many different solo dances with my friends, but I was not really talented and gave up. When I went to Mongolia last summer, I saw many young people dancing so well at the salsa clubs. But all I was doing was to just sit and watch. I really wanted to be on the floor having fun and decided to learn salsa. I joined SNS performance team in January and started taking various classes including salsa, bachata, and kizomba. I am surprised how fast I am improving with the help of the good teachers and consistent practice. See you all on the dance floor, specially the ladies!

How long have you been dancing?

Exactly a year! Woohoo.

Why did you decide to start taking dance classes? Other than what I mentioned above, I knew almost no one in Seattle when I movedhere. Social dancing was a great opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Also, to shake off the hip­shaking feeling I always had.

What one or two instructors or classes would you recommend to others?

My favorites are salsa 3 classes, specially the one on Sunday. Also, I learned a lotfrom the kizomba 1,2 classes. My favorite instructor is (inarguably) Victor. So much flavor, I could even bake some cake with it. When you are not dancing, what do you enjoy doing?Seriously? Social dancing is life, lol. I like playing sports, especially volleyball. "Super fast learner! He's got a great attitude and a thirst of learning new moves and technique. It's been a pleasure watching him grow in the performance team. Batkhuyag has a great attitude and brings positive energy to the team. We love him very much!!!!!"~ Julia Krasnov (Studio Director)

Instructor Tips

Read tips and tricks from our experienced instructors

Bachata tips from Hakon:

Focus on your connection. A great bachata dance comes from an amazing connection, not fancy or fast moves.

Remember to keep the beat. Even when doing turns and other moves, you usually keep the same familiar bachata beat. Step-step-step-tap.

Don’t overdo syncopation steps when dancing with someone. They can be confusing and don't make the dance more enjoyable.

Smile and have fun. If you keep things friendly and fun and laugh at mistakes, you and the person you're dancing with will have a good time

Helen shares some Zumba tricks:

  • Don't get discouraged if you don't get the steps the first time around.

  • Always keep moving during a song even if you miss a step.

  • Maintain good form while doing moves to reduce risk of injury.

  • Listen to your body. If something hurts while doing a certain move, modify it!

  • Stay hydrated!

Victor and Julia talk Salsa:

Salsa is all about connection, fun and music. So here's a challenge: start shifting your focus from the technicality of the move, to focusing more on your partner and the music. You'll start having a lot more fun! Here are 5 basic rules for dancing that will help you achieve balance and control so you can focus more on the fun of dancing:

  1. Always dance with your head up (do not look at your feet)

  2. Always dance with your arms up and moving to the beat of the music

  3. Always dance with your knees bent

  4. Always dance on the ball of your feet

Instructor of the Month: Sangeeta Naidu

What types of dance do you currently do, or have you studied in the past?I am currently a Bollywood dancer/choreographer/instructor. I have studied various styles: Kathak (North Indian classical dance), Bharatnatyam (South Indian classical dance), folk styles of India, and some ballet, jazz and hip-hop as a child.

What do you consider to be your greatest dance-related accomplishment?

My greatest dance-related accomplishment is being an instructor. I love watching dancers develop and find the confidence in themselves to perform.

What classes do you teach at SNS?

I currently teach Bollywood Dance for Adults, Bollywood Dance for Children (starting up again in the Fall) and lead the Bollywood Performance Team.

What is unique about your dancing and/or the way you teach?

It is very important to me that my students get a cultural background on Bollywood. Bollywood is such a unique dance style with a beautiful history. So I love giving my students a 'lecture' on the style of dance they will be learning, the translation of the song, understanding hand gestures, and learning about the expressions that are so important in all South Asian dance styles.

What is your favorite part about teaching at SNS?

SNS is a supportive and welcoming community of dancers, instructors and students. The energy is so positive when you enter the studio. Everyone is smiling and ready to dance!

Do you have any tips you'd like to share for new students?

Coming into a dance class with a positive attitude and a smile on your face is all the experience you need. Enjoy yourself, be silly and break a sweat!

When you’re not teaching, what else do you enjoy doing?

When I'm not dancing, I'm hanging out with my 18 month old son who is already a better dancer than I will ever be!

"Her classes are so much fun and her energy is so contagious. I love how Geeta combines fun Bollywood choreography with traditional technique. Her students love her and her Bollywood dance team looks great. We are so happy to have Geeta as part of our team at Salsa N" Seattle!"

~ Julia Krasnov (Studio Director)

Rent Our Studio For Your Next Event!

Did you know you can rent our studio for our next event? Whether it be dance practice or a party we've got everything you need! Bartenders, DJs, and more! Email us for more information.

Salsa N' Seattle Offers Kid's Dance Birthday Parties!

Want a fun and engaging party for your little one's birthday? We offer a two hour package that includes an hour dance lesson to make any little one's birthday party extra special! Email us for more information.

Earn points for doing what you love!

Did you know that Salsa N' Seattle has teamed up with Perkville to offer our students rewards? It's simple, sign up with the same email we have on file and earn points for attending classes, referring friends, and much more! Use your points towards free dance shoes, free private lessons and so much more! Click here to learn more and sign up!

Summer Hip Hop Workshops

Every Saturday at 12pm & 1pm

This summer Salsa N' Seattle's hip hop crew, Drop Squad, is proud to bring you special Hip Hop workshops taught by talented guest instructors! Two workshops every Saturday through August!!! More information...

SNS Seafair Potluck BBQ!

August 6th 11am - 7pm

Experience summer in Seattle at Seafair Weekend with your Salsa N’ Seattle family! Come to Madrona Park to watch the Blue Angels zip across Lake Washington, dance, enjoy yummy food, and have fun in the water! More information...

1st Annual Salsa in the Park

August 27th 5pm - 10pm

Join Salsa N' Seattle Dance Studio for our first Salsa in the Park event! Intro lesson, social dancing, potluck, performances and more!!!

Where: Volunteer Park Amphitheather (1247 15th Ave E, Seattle)

When: 5pm - Intro lesson for beginners

6-10pm - Social dancing, performances and potluck

Cost: Free! (Bring food & drinks to share ).

4th Annual Salsa Mambo DJ Expo

September 23rd & 24th 10pm-3am

It's that time of year again! Join us for our 4th Annual Salsa Mambo DJ Expo!!! We bring you the best of vinyl salsa!!

- Amazing DJs playing the best salsa and bachata music

- 2 Rooms

- Performances

- Free giveaways

Cover: $12 Friday, $15 Saturday

Prepay online for Friday & Saturday - $23

Studio Closed for Labor Day Weekend (Friday 9/2 - Monday 9/5)

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