New Year, New You!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The new year is always an exciting time! It's a time we get a chance to make changes and improvements that last. We set new year's resolutions, with goals for better health, wellness, and more time with our friends and families.  The team at Salsa N' Seattle is excited to help you achieve your goals and help you stick to your new year's resolutions!

In this issue you'll meet a fellow Salsa N' Seattle Member - Guillermo Martinez, you'll learn important tips for improving your dance technique, you'll read about one of our instructors - Mario Vargas, as well as find out about our new classes and programs. We wish you success in all you do in 2016!

Meet a Member:

Guillermo Martinez

How long have you been dancing?

I was introduced to dancing about nine years ago. I was living in New York and some friends from the Dominican Republic and Colombia introduced me to Salsa and Bachata dancing. Since then I've been interested in learning and improving my dancing. I formally started

dancing five and a half years ago.

Why did you decide to start taking dance classes?

I've found that taking classes is the ONLY way to learn and improve in dancing. When I moved to Seattle six years ago I was social dancing and met new friends. It was then that I got the recommendation to take lessons with Victor and Julia at Salsa N' Seattle Dance Studio.

What one or two classes or instructors would you recommend to others?

I would recommend taking Cha-cha and Salsa with Victor and Julia. Cha cha class is the best class in terms of musicality, it really helps you to understand the rhythm, catch the beat and makes you to improve your footwork and body motion. Salsa class is where we learn how to connect with different partners so in the process of learning patterns and combinations we also learn how to put together all those elements to have fun on the dance floor. Several times I commented to so many different people that Victor and Julia are the best dance instructors in the Pacific Northwest, their experience and approach makes every class a very fun experience!

What has kept you coming back?

I keep coming back to Salsa N' Seattle because I enjoy the friendly and professional atmosphere. Salsa N' Seattle is a great place to everyone to learn and have fun!!

"It's been a pleasure having Guillermo in our classes and performance teams. His passion for dance is contagious! What we love about Guillermo the most is his positive attitude; he's always smiling and always excited about helping his fellow class/team mates out with their dancing!" ~ Julia Krasnov

Instructor Tips

Read tips and tricks from our experienced instructors.

Bachata Tips from Hakon:

Focus on your connection. A great bachata dance comes from an amazing connection, not fancy or fast moves.

Remember to keep the beat. Even when doing turns and other moves, you usually   keep the same familiar bachata beat. Step-step-step-tap.

Don’t overdo syncopation steps when dancing with someone. They can be  confusing and don't make the dance more enjoyable.

Smile and have fun. If you keep things friendly and fun and laugh at mistakes, you and the person you're dancing with will have a good time even if you don't know many fancy moves.

Kendall Talks About MixxedFit:

In MixxedFit we do a lot of body weight squats in both traditional, athletic stance with feet facing forward and just wider than hips' distance apart and grand plie with a wide turnout of the feet, knees, and hips. To prevent lower back stress and injury, round and tuck the pelvis under the body. This small adjustment will flatten the spine from neck to tailbone, taking the weight out of the natural c-curve of the lower back. Bonus: This action also promotes better upper body posture and core tightening!

Hip Hop Tricks from Alexis:

Be sure to wear loose/stretchy clothes and tennis shoes in hip hop so that you are comfortable doing warm ups, stretches and choreography!

Ask questions and respond to your instructors questions. We don't bite!

Show your dance peers support and encouragement. This is one of the reasons students feel comfortable to try new things and grow in our hip hop classes.

Geeta Talks About Kid's Bollywood:

Bollywood is a great way for your children to learn and get acquainted with the South Asian culture!  Our Kids program uses dance and movement as an interactive vehicle to teach the culture, language and history of various regions of India.  Your children will learn the basics of classical and folk dance movements to fun and uplifting music.  They will also learn about a rich culture while growing into strong dancers with coordination, grace, posture and other fundamentals of dance.  A great way to practice with your kids at home is to ask them to teach YOU how to do Bollywood dance!

Meet an Instructor:

Mario Vargas

What types of dance do you currently do, or have you studied in the past?

I've studied Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata.  I've also taken a few classes of Tango and Rueda/Cuban Salsa.

What classes do you teach at Salsa N' Seattle?

I teach Salsa I and II on Thursday nights.   I also teach Kizomba, and I'm very excited that Salsa N' Seattle Dance Studio now has Kizomba levels I and II on Wednesday nights.  We'll also have a Kizomba Practica on Wednesday nights from 9-11pm which starts on 1/13.  Come see me DJ every other week and dance Kizomba!

What is unique about your dancing and/or the way you teach?

When I teach I break the material down well and use lots of details to help my students.  I believe that I make the curriculum more approachable and make the class fun; I'm always cracking jokes!

What is your favorite part about teaching at Salsa N' Seattle Dance Studio?

I love the SNS community.  People here are nice and friendly, with no big egos.  The staff here is really welcoming and the students are are open and willing to learn.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share for new Kizomba students?

Kizomba is all about the connection.  It's not about fancy moves, dips, slides or leg lifts.   There is a time and place for those moves but the dance is more about the basics.  Know the basics, dance the basics and play around with the basics.  Kizomba is about soft controlled moves and subtlety. 

Kizomba is not linear, it changes directions and it's all about connection.   Kizomba is grounded steps, not like salsa steps where you are not on the ball of your feet, there is a difference in the shifting of the weight.  The biggest tip I can share is to come to class regularly and practice!  Join us for our new Kizomba practica on Wednesday nights!

"Mario is a talented dancer and instructor. His moves are very natural and flow smoothly with the various rhythms that he dances and teaches. We are very happy to have him be a part of Salsa N' Seattle. We're also super excited for the Kizomba socials that he'll be DJing at every Wednesday! Don't miss it!"              

~ Julia Krasnov

​​New Kizomba Practica!

Wednesdays 9pm - 11:00pm 

$5 Cover

Ladies get in free before 10pm!

Members always free!

Practica is open to everybody and is a great way to perfect your skills and practice what you learned in class. We'll be there to help if you have any questions or just want to dance! The social is all ages, the bar serves anybody who's 21+

New Classes for 2016!

We are excited to announce new classes starting in January 2016! 


Salsa Flash Mob Choreography at 7pm (starts 1/11/16)


Salsa on 2 (Beginner) at 7pm (starts 1/6/16)

Salsa on 2 (Intermediate) at 8pm (starts 1/6/16)

Kizomba II at 8pm (starts 1/6/16)


Zumba at 10am (starts 1/9/16)


Men’s Footwork & Shines at 11am (Every other Sunday- starts 1/11/16)

Ladies Styling & Spinning at 11am (Every other Sunday- starts 1/17/16)

Bachata II at 2:15pm (starts 1/10/16)

Baby Pink Salsa Party & Shower

January 22nd 8:00pm - 2:00am

We're anxiously awaiting the birth of our baby girl in March. We'd love for all of you to come dance, eat, and celebrate the future with us!  No cover if you plan on brining a gift!!!  (PAY in DIAPERS or WIPES!)

8pm - 10pm:  Co-ed Baby Shower (Food, Drinks, Gifts, Activities & Prizes) 10pm-2am:  Baby Pink Salsa Party (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Dancing, Appetizers, Performances, Drink specials & more!)


Wear something pink or baby themed (bibs, onesies, etc.)

Wear an adult diaper and get a free Buttery Nipple shot at the bar!

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