Freedom to Dance!

In July we celebrate our country's independence and freedom with fireworks, friends and family. Why not carry the celebration further? Take the month of July as an opportunity to celebrate your freedom to dance! Dance has been scientifically proven to improve your physical and mental heath. SNS is here to support you!

In our July issue you'll read tips and tricks from the Salsa N' Seattle team to support you during your dance and fitness journey. You'll also meet a fellow Salsa N' Seattle student - Tabitha Werblud, learn more about one of our Hip Hop instructors - Chad Hara as well as find out about new services, upcoming events and studio holiday closures. We wish you the very best on your wellness journey, and remember we're happy to help!

Student of the Month:

Tabitha Werblud

How long have you been dancing?

I began social dancing a year and a half ago to prepare for my Grandfather's 90th birthday celebration. He's quite the dancer, and I wanted to remember some basics with the hope of not stepping on his feet by accident! My preparations grew into an interest, which then rekindled an old love for dance. From ages 2-18 I danced, mostly ballet with some modern, tap, hip hop, and skating mixed in to keep it interesting.

Why did you decide to start taking dance classes? I began taking salsa classes about 6 months ago, and joined the SNS performance team in April. All my classes are enjoyable and I learn something new each time.

What one or two instructors or classes would you recommend to others?

My favorite is the Latin team practice because the focus and intensity is greater, and that is attractive to me. I like to be challenged, encouraged, and pushed. Victor and Julia do that with a smile, and usually a joke or two! And, of course, Guillermo has been a wonderfully skilled and gracious partner.

When you are not dancing, what do you enjoy doing?

It seems like I dance nearly every day now. Otherwise, I can normally be found horsing around with my kids, working, or training kung fu. It's a beautiful life! I am grateful. "We are so happy and thankful that Tabitha is a part of our studio and performance team. she's a super fast learner and a graceful dancer. Her kind spirit and positive attitude is a great asset to the team. Can't wait to see her perform again on stage!"

~ Julia Krasnov (Studio Director)

Instructor Tips

Read tips and tricks from our experienced instructors

Hip Hop tips from Alexis:

Be sure to wear loose/stretchy clothes and tennis shoes in hip hop so that you are comfortable doing warm ups, stretches and choreography! Ask questions and respond to your instructors questions. We don't bite! And lastly, show your dance peers support and encouragement. This is one of the reasons students feel comfortable to try new things and grow in our hip hop classes.

Mario shares some Kizomba tricks:

Kizomba is not linear. Kizomba changes directions and it's all about connection.

Kizomba is grounded steps, not salsa steps where you are not on the ball of your feet, there is a difference in the shifting of the weight.

Kizomba is about soft controlled moves and subtlety.

Kendall talks MixxedFit:

In MixxedFit we do a lot of body weight squats in both traditional, athletic stance with feet facing forward and just wider than hips' distance apart and grand plie with a wide turnout of the feet, knees, and hips. To prevent lower back stress and injury, round and tuck the pelvis under the body. This small adjustment will flatten the spine from neck to tailbone, taking the weight out of the natural c-curve of the lower back. Bonus: This action also promotes better upper body posture and core tightening!

Instructor of the Month: Chad Hara

What types of dance do you currently do, or have you studied in the past?Although I appreciate all styles of dance, my main focus is hip hop. I have been dancing hip hop for the past 5 years.

What do you consider to be your greatest dance-related accomplishment?

My greatest dance-related accomplishment has to be leading my college team at Boston University. It was easily the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life.

What classes do you teach at SNS?

I currently teach hip hop 1, kids hip hop, and private lessons.

What is unique about your dancing and/or the way you teach?

A lot of people take hip hop classes and are intimidated or frightened. I don't like this at all. I try my best to talk to students, to make them feel welcome, and do my best at making corny jokes... It often fails. Haha! Dance wise, I usually teach feminine pieces, it's just my go-to style. However, I do switch it up as often as possible. My pieces usually include big movements, combining sharp hitting moves and grooves to challenge students to move parts of their bodies they never thought they could. I always encourage students to follow the choreography, but to dance it in their own style or bring their own uniqueness to the pieces. I just hope people have fun.

What is your favorite part about teaching at SNS?

My favorite part about teaching at SNS is the environment. I have both taken and taught classes at other studios and a lot of times the environment is intense or unfriendly. On the other hand, the staff and students at SNS are all so easy to talk to and everyone's there to feel good and enjoy themselves.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share for new students?

Be confident. Everyone has started out as a beginner and if you're apprehensive, you'll only hold yourself back. It's completely natural to feel uneasy about starting a class, especially dancing to the guy next to you, who might be really good. Ignore the anxiety, go in with a good attitude, and things will be just fine. Communicate with the teacher. I really don't like when I ask my classes a question and it's dead silent. No answer. Please don't be afraid to ask a question, ask the teacher to go over a move, or ask for clarification. Tell the teacher if they're going too fast for you or if you're confused. If you don't communicate, the teacher won't know where the class is at. If everyone in the class is lost but no one says anything, then it's not fun for anyone. Also, as a teacher, it's not fun talking to 20 robots who don't talk back to you for an hour!

When you’re not teaching, what else do you enjoy doing?

I have only recently moved to Seattle, so when I'm not teaching, I'm trying my best to explore the city. My favorite thing to do is go to parks or trails by myself and try to experience the world.

"Chad is super talented! His students both adults and kids absolutely have fun in his classes and love his choreography. And our hip hop performance team drop Squad always gets excited when Chad takes over for a few lessons. Chad always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Keep up the good work"

~ Julia Krasnov (Studio Director)

Rent Our Studio For Your Next Event!

Did you know you can rent our studio for our next event? Whether it be dance practice or a party we've got everything you need! Bartenders, DJs, and more! Email us for more information.

Salsa N' Seattle Offers Kid's Dance Birthday Parties!

Want a fun and engaging party for your little one's birthday? We offer a two hour package that includes an hour dance lesson to make any little one's birthday party extra special! Email us for more information.

Earn points for doing what you love!

Did you know that Salsa N' Seattle has teamed up with Perkville to offer our students rewards? It's simple, sign up with the same email we have on file and earn points for attending classes, referring friends, and much more! Use your points towards free dance shoes, free private lessons and so much more! Click here to learn more and sign up!

SNS Summer Special

July 5- July 11th (Sale ends 11:59pm on 7/11)

You've been waiting all year for this sale! Buy 20 classes for the price of 10! Save over $115!! Sale is only good for one week and classes cannot be shared or refunded. Classes expire after one year and cannot be extended. Stop by the studio to save today!

Salsa N' Seattle Presents:

DJ Mambo Castillo

July 29th 10pm-2:30am

You won't want to miss this special event! We've got DJ Mambo Castillo coming all the way from California giving us THE music to groove to! More information...

Summer Hip Hop Workshops

Every Saturday at 12pm & 1pm

This summer Salsa N' Seattle's hip hop crew, Drop Squad, is proud to bring you special Hip Hop workshops taught by talented guest instructors! Two workshops every Saturday through August!!! More information...

SNS Seafair Potluck BBQ!

August 6th 11am - 7pm

Experience summer in Seattle at Seafair Weekend with your Salsa N’ Seattle family! Come to Madrona Park to watch the Blue Angels zip across Lake Washington, dance, enjoy yummy food, and have fun in the water! More information...

Studio Closed for Labor Day Weekend (Friday 9/2 - Monday 9/5)

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