Did you Smell that? It's Social Salsa Dancing...

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Yes, you've heard it correctly! First time in a long time, Victor & Julia will be teaching a work shop together. Since they had their second baby it's been a rarity to see them teaching together. So now that it's finally happening, don't miss this fun workshop!

This workshop is all about social dancing. Why is social dancing so important you may ask? Isn't it enough to just take the class? NO! As much fun as classes are, what's the point of taking a class if you're not going to actually get out there and experience what it's like leading and following without the instructor screaming the move into your ear. Or to experience the connection to the music and to your partner. I'm not trying to get all cheesy here, but really, one of the most beautiful things about partner dancing, is the non verbal communication that happens between a lead and a follow. As the lead signals, (sometimes in a split second) the next move, the follow just glides into it without resistance. It's like the universe comes together in a big kumbaya and everything is at peace.

You may have heard some dancers say "We have good connection" in relation to another dancer, well, that's what they're talking about. The smoothness of transitions between move to move, the coordination between the couple and the music. Have you ever danced with somebody that was not hitting the breaks at the same time that you were?

Now you may be like, what breaks?! I didn't know Salsa had breaks... Don't worry, dancing without breaks is not like driving without breaks, it won't kill you. But it sure is fun when you can hit them! Let me explain... The music has breaks, like literal stops, where for a second there's nothing, no music. That's when many dancers that are following the music also stop, sometimes in a very dramatic fashion. What feels really cool on the dance floor is when both lead and follow do that dramatic stop at the same time, hell it's cool if the whole club stops for just a moment when the music breaks. That's how a famous instructor, Santo Rico, once described the dancing and clubs in New York, that the dancers are so connected to the music that when there is a break in the song, the whole club stops. It's like in the video by DJ Snake and Lil John "Turn down for what" there's all this build up of energy and then a smooth break as the characters fly down from floor to floor.

So here are a few more points we'll cover in the workshop:

1. What are the 3 key things that will make any lead a pleasure to dance with?

2. To style or not to style? And when to style?

3. How to follow the music?

4. When to do footwork and how to do it confidently without feeling silly?

5. Dips, lifts, and tricks on the social dance floor, wait what?

6. How to ask a lead or follow to dance? Is it ever not OK for a woman to ask a guy to dance?

7. What is sensual vs. Sexual behavior on the dance floor? What is appropriate vs. inappropriate?

8. How to say no if you don't want to dance?

9. Is it really only about dancing or do some leads/follows have ulterior motives?

Can't wait to see you there! We'll also have a Q&A so be sure to jot down your pressing questions and we'll be happy to answer them. After all we've been social dancing for over 15 years and still can't get enough!

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