3 Fun Exercises To Stay Fit During The Summer

The weather outside might be beautiful, but it can be tricky to exercise during the summer months. With hot temperatures and humidity, it's important to stay hydrated and to take frequent breaks when you're working out outdoors.

The good news is there are different activities you can take part in during the summer months to stay healthy without breaking an enormous amount of sweat. Here are some fun exercises you can do this summer that don't include jogging on a hot sidewalk:

  1. Salsa dancing. What better way to have a blast working out than to work out while you're dancing? There's a reason why Zumba classes became so popular. Salsa dancing can burn up to 420 calories or more an hour. And, what's more, it's a safe physical activity for all ages whether you're a toddler or a senior. If Salsa sounds like the exercise for you, consider giving your local Latin dancing studio a try. You can meet new people, have a blast, and burn calories all at the same time.

  2. Swimming. It can be hard to work out at your local pool when there are kids playing Marco Polo. But if your gym has a pool, consider taking advantage of its open swim hours by doing laps. Like Salsa, swimming is great for everyone at any age. It's a low-impact sport so it's easy on your joints while still giving you the cardio you want. And there's nothing more relaxing during the summer months than to work out in the water.

  3. Running on the sand. By working out along the beach, not only do you get a great view while you exercise but you also benefit from sand plyometrics. Sand plyometrics increases your strength performance and lowers muscle soreness. Sand also shifts beneath your feet while you run, which puts less stress on your joints. You can enjoy the water when your workout is over, too.

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Dancing is not only great for your health but it can also help you lose weight. In fact, it's estimated that dancing the salsa burns up to 10 calories per minute depending on your intensity and speed.

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