Join a Performance or Training Team!

Salsa FUNdamentals Training & Performance Team

Join our Q&A sessions on:

Sun Feb 10


Sun Feb 17


to learn more and join!

Ready to take your salsa dancing to the next level?

Whether you are a beginner or have been dancing for some time already, Joining our training and performance team is a proven way to improve your dance skills, learn a choreography, and make new friends. Performing is not required to join the team! The focus of the team is on training including styling, footwork, social dancing, dance etiquette, body isolations, arm and shoulder movement, spins technique, as well as partnerwork and choreography.

You will have a chance to learn not only from Victor & Julia but from other instructors throughout the year who will bring a fresh perspective and help you develop musicality, timing, and style.


Prerequisites - Salsa I Sessions A & B


We'll have a Q&A and Intro sessions on Sundays, February 10th and 17th 3pm to 4pm. So come learn more about the team and get a taste of what it's like!



  • $175/month for 11 months

  • $185/month for 6 months

  • $195/month for 3 months

  • Full year pre-paid (get one free month!) - $1750

  • First and last month are due upon signing up for the team.

*** The cost includes access to all classes at Salsa N' Seattle, Free Tuesday and Wednesday socials, 25% off guest workshops, 50% off in-house workshops, and 25% off on dance shoes.  

Team Schedule through April: 

  • 1/22 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Getting the basics right with Victor & Julia

  • 3/3 Sunday, 3pm-5pm  - Shoulders, arms, and hips with Julia

  • 3/8 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Spin technique with Victor and Julia

  • 3/15 Friday, 7-9pm - Footwork with Victor

  • 3/23 Saturday, 7pm-9pm - Partnerwork with Victor & Julia

  • 3/29 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Social dancing and etiquette

  • 4/5 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Intro to choreography

  • 4/12 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Choreography 

  • 4/19 Friday, 7pm-9pm - Choreography 

  • 4/28 Sunday, 3pm-5pm - Moving around the floor & formations

  • May schedule will be posted by end of March

Hip hop Performance Crew - Drop Squad

Drop in to any of our rehersals to see if you'd like to join!

Join our Hip Hop Crew - Drop Squad!

Drop Squad Hip Hop Crew is open to all experience levels! You'll get an opportunity to take your dancing to the next level, perform a new choreography, and be a part of a fun group of people who love to dance. We all collaborate to help each other with our individual dance goals whether that is to get better at picking up choreo, creating your own choreo, performing, teaching, building community and more!

 In Drop Squad Hip Hop Crew you will…..

  • Be a part of a passionate, supportive community that has tons of fun

  • Learn from guest instructors of all styles who come and teach the crew private workshops

  • Collaborate with Seattle artists to do photo shoots and video shoots 

  • Have the opportunity to attend community hip hop events like battles, performances and workshops 

  • Learn how to feel comfortable performing in front of an audience

  • Move your way up to choreographing on your own and with crew members

Mandatory Commitments

One class a week: Tuesdays Hip Hop I 6-7pm OR Sundays Hip Hop II 5:30-6:25pm depending on your comfort level

Rehearsals: Sundays DS Practice 6:30-8:00pm, Monday DS Practice 7-8:30pm

Performances: throughout the year if available


$95/month (Drop Squad aims to be accessible for everyone. If you cannot join due to financial hardship, there are volunteer options for you).

You can drop in to one rehearsal for free anytime. Please email if you have any questions. 

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Address: 2000 S. Jackson St

(206) 785 3309