Monthly Workshop Descriptions


September: Cumbia


Addicting in its simplest form, and breathtaking at its most complex, Cumbia is the dance to learn if you want to speak the universal dance language of the Latino community. Its fun and straightforward dance steps appeal to people of all ages and abilities, with the basic step consisting mostly of back-breaks. Cumbia is often danced in a circular pattern and participates usually can’t stop smiling.


This workshop aims to teach the basic steps, turns & partner work for Cumbia.


October: Footwork


Tired of dancing in endless turn patterns? Have no idea what to do when you’re not attached to your partner? Incorporate some footwork and shines into your social dancing. Learn a fun footwork pattern to take your social dancing to the next level. You won’t be lost next time your partner is doing their own thing. It’s your time to shine!


November: Merengue

Often set aside because of its simplicity, Merengue is an incredibly fun and upbeat dance. The hips! The turns! The complicated arm-pretzel patterns! Check out this workshop if you are looking to learn how to dance merengue or are just adding to your repertoire of moves.


December: Spins

Posture, frame, body positioning, and spotting can all affect your balance while spinning. Learn how to incorporate all of these into better, faster, and more stable spins. This workshop will focus on learning technique to work up to multiple spins with greater stability and control.


January: Musicality

Music is what give life to a dancer, making the dancer into a visual instrument. Stop and listen. Follow the music and interpret the music as you feel it. At a certain point, it’s no longer enough to dance on the beat. To become a better dancer, learn how to adjust your dancing to the music in this fantastic workshop.


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