Hip Hop Summer Workshops

This July and August, we're bringing the Seattle hip hop scene right to you at Salsa N' Seattle! We're thrilled to be hosting a series of workshops on Sunday evenings all through July and August.
  • Cost is $12 OR class punch.
  • Free for SNS students with Solo/Unlimited membership.

Workshop Descriptions

Intermediate Hip Hop Choreo: 8/6 7pm-8pm
w/ Eric Angelo Kim

Let's go over some feel-y and fun Urban Choreography (Intermediate/Advanced)! Knowing some fundamentals will be helpful, and be prepared for awkward silences and bad jokes periodically through class. But mostly, look forward to practicing timing and execution, and having a blast!

Eric Angelo Kim was drawn to dance because of his love for music. His first inspirations came from freestylers such as Hong 10 and Popping Joon, but discovered choreography through Shaun Evaristo and Prepix. During college, he trained and performed with Academy of Villains, and also joined a collegiate team called AFX, where he eventually led the team as artistic director. Eric used to teach weekly Hip Hop 1 classes at the previous location at Salsa N Seattle and looks forward to teaching at the studio's new location. :)

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Bonebreaking & Gliding Foundation: 8/6 8pm-9pm
w/ Sam Wilder


This workshop will cover basic foundation for gliding and bonebreaking as well as exercises which are geared towards making you flexible. 

I've been street performing since I was 14 and bonebreaking is what made me stand out and start crowds. Over time I got better and better and now I'm known for being flexible.

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Hustle Foundation: 8/13 4pm-5pm
w/ Vanna Zaragoza and Jensine San


While Hustle is primarily done to Disco and House music, it can be used with almost any genre from R&B to Pop. Jensine and Vanna will be going over the basic movements and patterns to get you started. No partner is required. Everyone is encouraged to dance with everyone!


Jensine and Vanna started Hustle about 1 year ago and have been continually working to bring Hustle to the street and freestyle community. They primarily dance New Style Hustle, which incorporates other street and freestyle movements with traditional Latin Hustle steps. Outside of Hustle, both are active members of the freestyle dance community in Seattle. Jensine has experience in Popping, Hip Hop and House dance. Vanna does House & Waacking.

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House Foundation: 8/13 5pm-6pm
w/ Devon Cady-Lee


Devon will be teaching house dance at a beginner-intermediate level.


Devon has been practicing House Dance on and off since 2005. Hailing from the East Coast, he learned mostly from clubs in Boston and frequent trips to New York. Upon arriving in Seattle he joined Chinatown Afterhours and is now an active participant in the freestyle dance scene.

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Beginners Waacking: 8/20 4pm-5pm
w/ Angela Zhou


This class will focus on the foundation of Waacking on techniques and posing. First, we will go over drills and exercises that strengthens the wrists, arms and shoulders. Then, we will practice posing exercise to help gain confidence with the dance. No former experience with Waacking is required. But if you are have done Waacking before, you are welcome to take up the challenge with some heels! 


Angela has been training in club style dances such as Waacking and House for two years. She dances with Chinatown After Hours crew and loves to get down in clubs with house and disco music. Besides dancing, she also practices aerial circus and contortion.

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Intermediate Waacking: 8/20 5pm-6pm
w/ Ben Chi


This class will dive into various Waacking concepts including speed control, flow, dimensions, and my learning methodology. Since this is an intermediate class I'll skim the basics of waacking and focus more on how to use the concepts I teach to come up with your own moves to increase the versatility of your freestyle.


Ben ‘Heartbreaker’ Chi began dancing in 2007. Originally from Hawaii he moved to Seattle 3 years ago. He took his first Hip Hop class shortly after discovering breakdancing videos on Youtube. After a year of choreography based studio dances, he focused on Popping and Breaking for the next 8 years. In 2016, inspired by Rina Pellerin, he shifted his main dance style to Waacking under the tutelage and training of Tracey Wong. As an active member of the street dance community he competes in battles across the North West. He continues to train with his crew, Just Us, his goal being to create a unique battle style of Waacking, Breaking, and Popping.

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Popping Foundation: 8/27 4pm-5pm
w/ Eric Pak


Popping is a style of dance with origins from the West Coast (California) in the 1970's. In this class, we will learn some of the basic foundation underlying this style, history, and how to apply the foundation to freestyle. Most importantly, we will HAVE FUN!


Eric AKA Zion.E started dancing in 2009 when he was spontaneously enrolled in his high school's creative dance class. During this time, he stumbled upon the style of Popping on Youtube, and utilized the school's studio to practice. Since then, he has traveled, battled, and trained with people from across the world. His favorite part of the dance is not necessarily any of the moves, but its ability to transcend language and cultural barriers. Eric is currently an active member of Groove Clan and Chinatown After Hours, two Seattle crews dedicated to developing the street & club style dance communities.


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Break Dance Foundation: 8/27 5pm-6pm
w/ Derrick Simons Jr.


We will be going over some fundamentals of the bboys/bgirls footwork. (Also known as downrock, footwork, etc.) Along with endurance and training techniques, some that was passed to me, and others that I found helps on my own.


Born and raised in Seattle, I've been dancing for 7 years and started in my 10th grade of highschool, but really took off with it that following summer. Even though mainly studying BreakDance, I've learned basics in other styles like popping, house, and locking. In hopes of making myself more of a well rounded dancer. I dance regularly with my crew, Catch 'em All Crew (not Pokemon GO related) and rep the 206! I like sharing my art with others because I want to be able to pass on what I know in hopes of someone else finding something that they love to do.

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