Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a dance partner?

No. If you don't have a dance partner, don't worry! We frequently rotate partners in class and advise that you rotate even if you bring your own partner. It helps to practice with different leads/follows. Sticking with one partner might actually slow down your progress.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement. For the fitness classes, we would recommend that you wear athletic clothing. For our partner classes, feel free to come as dressed up or down as you would like.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

For our fitness classes, athletic shoes work best. For our partner classes, we recommend that you wear dance shoes. Dance shoes are lighter, more flexible and have a suede bottom that allows you to turn, spin, and glide without stressing your muscles and joints but provide enough friction that will prevent you from slipping and sliding around. We sell dance shoes in the studio, but you can also find some at Centerstage in the U-district or at Arts Dance Shoes in Kirkland. 


If you don't have dance shoes, we would advise that you wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to move in.  Dance shoes will be required for all Level 2 classes and above.

What happens if I miss a class?

Any classes that you have on your account, whether they are drop-ins, class packages, gift certificates, or vouchers, stay on your account until you check in at the front desk. If you're sick or out of town, you won't be penalized for missing class. Classes are only subtracted from your account when you check in or if they expire after a year. 


What is the difference between Salsa I (Beginner) Session A and B?

Salsa I A - is learning how to dance salsa in open position. We cover basic, side to side, left turns for leads, cross body, titanic and dicaprio moves.

Salsa I B - is learning how to dance salsa in closed position. We cover basic, back to back, right turns for leads, cross body, cross body inside turn and outside turns


Who do I contact if I want to rent the space?

Email us at for availability and pricing for rentals.


Do you offer gift certificates?

We offer gift certificates for any amount or package/membership that we sell. You can purchase online or at the studio. 

What about the parking near the Salsa N' Seattle Studio?

There is free 2  hours street parking all around the studio.


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Address: 2000 S. Jackson St

(206) 785 3309